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Getting 2 controllers to work + button mapping

  • Hey,
    I'm quite new to all of the world of raspberry pis and retropie but I really wanted to build myself a retro gaming system. So long story short, I have two 8bitdo snes30 pro gamepads but only one seems to work. The other one is recognized by the system and works in the menu but not in any game aside of Mario Kart 64 which also is the only game where the button mapping isn't all over the place.
    Currently I am running retropie 4.3.1 and the gamepads are running the fw: 4.0.1

    Any help would be appreciated because I can't seem to find an answer to my problem

    Thanks in advance

  • @indvrkness Your post does not include all of the details from THIS POST which you are supposed to read and follow, and it doesn't look like you have read and followed the documentation that actually addresses using these controllers.

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