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[TUTORIAL]Remove Boot Text On The Raspberry Pi For Noobs

  • Hey guys hears another tutorial for Retro pie noobs like me:), please make sure to comment

    So first enter the terminal and copy and paste the following:

    sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

    You will see a single line with all the boot options. Scroll along and change the following making sure not to add any linebreaks:

    • Replace console=tty1 to console=tty3 to redirect boot messages to the third console.
    • Add loglevel=3 to disable non-critical kernel log messages.
    • Add logo.nologo to the end of the line to remove the Raspberry PI logos from displaying
      Press CTRL+X to exit and Y to save your changes.

    Next edit the config file with the following:

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt
    • add disable_splash=1 at the end of the file.
      Press CTRL+X to exit and Y to save your changes.

    There you go. When it boots up now, it will just cleanly display your splash screen

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