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  • Retropie 4.3.8
    Emulation Station 2.7.4RP
    Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website installed on brand-new Raspberry Pi 3

    Hello all, this my first post, I have been searching for an answer to this for about 2 hours and still none-the-wiser – no doubt as I am inexperienced in all aspects of Retropie and the terminology used. I feel somewhat proud that starting from scratch I have an up and running system which is based on a Raspberry Pi 3 and used the install Retropie image as explained in the beginner tutorials. During the first run of Retropie I mapped my controller via Emulation Station and are now happily running arcade games via mame. I bought an off-the-peg Quimat joystick with a total of 10 buttons which I’ve installed in a home-made bar-top cabinet.

    My question is this: Once I am running a game through mame2003, I can use the mapped "Select / Coin" button and the "Start" Button to add credits and start the game. Additional presses of the "Select / Coin" button adds credits as you would expect. Now when I have more than one credit, in most games I’m given the "1 or 2 Player Start" option but I can’t figure out what button I need to press to activate 2-player* I’ve tried remapping the control buttons so that every option in Emulation Station (i.e. all the buttons, triggers and thumbs options) are represented by one of the buttons on my cabinet but none of these activate the two-player option.

    I've looked in the RGUI menu on some games and can see that both User 1 and User 2 are both mapped to the same keys:

    Insert Coin: Select
    Start: Start

    I don't want to start messing about with these controls in case I mess up my system!

    Can anyone advise what I need to do to select a 2-Player start? (I've tried pressing the "Start" button more than one when starting a game but that doesn't add the second player). Thanks for any advice you can give.

    *I've got a setup with a single player joystick so I'm talking about turn based games where Player 1 loses a life and then its Player 2 turn and so on

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    @paul1066 said in Retropie / mame games - 2 player start problem:

    *I've got a setup with a single player joystick so I'm talking about turn based games where Player 1 loses a life and then its Player 2 turn and so on

    i believe these systems will still have a second 'player 2 start' button on the original cabinet, which would be bound to start on controller 2, by default.

    you could try remapping 'P2 Start' to a button on your 10 button joystick. i suggest one of the face buttons.

  • Thanks for that, think I've got it. I needed to remap the 2 Player start to one of my spare buttons in the mame menu not the RGUI menu - not sure why there is a difference but I'm new to all this and it works so I'm happy!

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