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Crt Shaders Button On/off?

  • Hi thank you very much for the help. I have this now working from a single arcade button press but I was not able to edit the config txt yet sadly... I can access it through retropie menu but don't know where I'm looking in there. Is there anyway to edit the text in a Windows or noobs friendly way via ssh? I've watched a fair few you tube videos and learned heaps more so still productive lesson. Not fully grasping linux yet though!

    I managed to get my Crt fx button working force by reconfiguring my ipac2 then got creative and dismantled and modified the button and the loom. Next to create the two shaders...easy. Removing the existing shaders possibly harder if anyone has any suggestions on how to locate and access said files?

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    @mattyl42 From Windows, you have access via file shares (point Windows Explorer to \\retropie\configs) to the configuration files so you can edit them. I recommend using Notepad++ for editing. The RetroArch configs are in \\retropie\configs\all\retroarch and the joypad cfg files are under the autoconfig folder.

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    @mitu has given you some good advice on how to edit the files. in terms of deleting the unwanted shaders, the folder with them all in is:
    within that folder, i think you'll see all the files and folders listed here:

    essentially, each shader is a .glslp parameters file, and a .glsl shader file (in the /shaders/ subdirectory). so, if for example you wanted to use the zfast_crt shader, you would delete everything APART from:

    /shaders/zfast_resources/ (whole directory)

    as always, probably a good idea to back up before you do this :)

    my theory is that if you have one shader, when you use the 'cycle next shader' button it will go between that shader, and NO shader. if it doesn't do that, my next idea would be to create a 'dummy' shader that does nothing. i think this might even already exist.

    alternatively we could log an issue with retroarch and ask them to make it function in the way we want, as i think it's a useful function.

  • Thank you very much both of you gents. Mitu's post has made everything clear. I was trying to find everything through ssh/command or reading my SD card. I've now located everything all the configs I can see how to edit values with notepad++. It makes sense all the specified pathways everyone always kindly provides. I don't know how I managed to sort out my ipac inputs without knowing all this!

    I've also found the shader locations and can determine the two different types of file .glsl and .glslp I need to remove. I'm going to spend a few days becoming familiar with this and think about how everything works and see what I can get with my CRT fx button.

    I will back up and even burn another SD first.

    This is a great unexpected hobby :)

  • Hi there. I've now removed all the shader files apart from the .glsl .glslp I require for my chosen shader.
    I can confirm when I push my CRT fx button it switches on the shader and displays as usual. When I repress the button it reloads the same shader rather than cycles to the 'no shader' position.
    What I have to do now is find out how to make a 'dummy or transparent' shader to make up the cycle and act as the 'off phase' .
    Can anyone set me off on my research on shaders .glslp and .glsl and help me in the direction of making a blank one?

  • This could be a nice feature to turn shaders on and off on the fly for comparison, performance, etc. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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    @mattyl42 try this noshader.glslp file:

    place it in your /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/shaders/ directory and try :)

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    @mattyl42 I imagine it would as simple as setting a hotkey to enable the shader, then just configuring your button to that hotkey, but that assumes that's a function of retroarch, I don't use shaders so I don't know but that's personally how I'd do it if it were a thing

    Edit ignore: for some reason my phone didn't render any replies so I didn't see anyone had already answered

  • @dankcushions Great that's got it thank you very much!! Your 'noshaders .glsl works! Was it hard to make? I'd just started reading up on opengl but probably would have taken me a while to work out how to do it haha...i saw it was only 13bytes?

    I have 2 switches mounted to the same button which is just a spare IL concave button un-fitted for testing purposes at the moment and the system is working. I can confirm it alternates between the active shader and no shader giving a retro on-off impression which I think is really neat. I've ordered some I hope fairly old skool looking illuminated buttons and I'm going to try and get the one of choice attracting by flashing/steady on next. I want friends etc to say "ohh what's this.... cool!"

    Thank you all for the help and teachings :)

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    @mattyl42 great! not hard at all - the noshaders.glslp file is one line saying shaders = "0" so no shader is loaded :) i didn't think it would work!

    that's a really cool setup - when you're done make sure you post photos in the projects and themes forum :)

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