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PSX : need more informations on .cue files

  • After reading the section about .cue files in the documentation I still have questions
    (btw the link to .cue files is dead)

    This part only talk about .cue and .bin files.

    I have some games that were shipped with a .iso and .cue files, so I get 2 entry in the game list of Emulation Station, which is annoying. If I understood correctly, .iso files already includes the .cue files and those can be deleted ? Those are nearly empty anyways (only 3 lines in this case).

    I also have a game, which were shipped with 4 files : .ccd .cue .img and .sub
    Emulation Station think the .cue and .img are 2 different games, and I can't delete this .cue here because it have a lot more of informations than the others, here is its content :

    FILE "Hogs of War-PSX-PAL.img" BINARY
    TRACK 1 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 1 00:00:00
    INDEX 0 36:29:41
    INDEX 1 36:31:41
    INDEX 1 39:20:39

    How can I do to hide the .img from the game list ?

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    @a12c4 said in PSX : need more informations on .cue files:

    How can I do to hide the .img from the game list ?

    Rename-it to .bin. And no, you can't delete the .cue file even if you have the .bin, as you see, it serves as an index to the data/audio/video tracks that are part of the .bin file.

  • @a12c4
    I suggest that you make a backup of the es_systems.cfg file before doing this so in case you mess up the file you can always replace the file with the backup

    One way to hide the .img file from the gamelist is to quit Emulationstation and enter the following in the terminal:

     sudo nano /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

    Now hit enter and find the Playstation area by using the search function ctrl+w and search for Playstation. Look for the area in the file that says <extension>.cue .cbn .img etc. and erase the .img and/or other extensions you want to get rid off.
    Now save and exit by using ctrl+x and confirm with a y
    Type emulationstation and hit enter to get back to emulationstation.

  • @mitu I heard it's pointless to just have a "nearly empty" .cue next to a .bin for many games which have only one binary and one audio file. Also, are you sure it is safe to rename a .img to .bin ?

    @Brigane I already thought about it but I have many games which only have a .img but no .cue, so I would need to generate .cue files for all of them.

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    @a12c4 My suggestion was for the situation you described where you have a .cue and an .img, it's clear that the .img functions as a .bin file. Give it a try and see if it works.
    For other things, you could get away without a .cue file, but I don't think it will work for the situation you described - .bin containing both data and audio data. A .bin without a .cue means - for me - that there is only a data track on the disc image file, in which case you can rename it to either .iso or .img and don't generate a .cue. If the .bin/.img/.iso contains something else besides 1 data track, then the emulator would not be able to separate or read the separate audio/video/whatever info because it would not know where to look them up.

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