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Input Configuration for Atari 2600 Issues

  • I'm running a Raspberry Pie 3 with Retropie 4.4. I have a Retrolink Atari 2600 joystick. I can't get it to work right for the life of me. I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to have two controllers since the joystick only has one button.

    I've tried various combinations of the joystick with a nes or snes controller and something always winds up wrong. The particular game I'm trying to play only wants input from a certain USB port or the button on the joystick doesn't work.

    Sometimes I'll swap which ports the controllers are plugged into and the joystick will work fine but the s/nes controller will stop working so I can't reset or exit the game.

    What am I missing?

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    @falcon00 said in Input Configuration for Atari 2600 Issues:

    What am I missing?

    Apart from some extra buttons :) ? You didn't mention what emulator are you using. If it's a Libretro/Retroarch emulator, you won't be able to combine 2 controllers to act as one. However, this might be possible if you use a non-Libretro emulator - Stella.
    This issue came up recently in another topic - take look and maybe you'll find some answers there :

  • @mitu I'm sorry. I'm new. I am using lr-stella. I wasn't sure how to switch to the other emulator. Thanks. I'll check out that link. I've been Googling my butt off but nothing was coming up.

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