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  • Hey guys,

    If you want to turn your Flashback into a Raspberry Pi case, I’ve got an almost drop-in solution for a controller interface board for the Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Atari 3-7 Flashbacks. This board screws in to the existing PCB mounts and hooks up to your Raspberry Pi via a short USB cord.

    alt text

    This board is based on the Ultimate PC Interface and DB-9 controllers supported include:
    • Original Intellivision controllers (with dongle), Intellivision 2 controllers, Sears Arcade controllers, Intellivision Flashback controllers, Intellivision ECS Keyboard, and Intellivision Piano/Synthesizer
    • Original Colecovision controllers, Coleco Super Action controllers with spinner support, Coleco Steering Wheel, Coleco Rollerball, and Colecovision Flashback controllers,
    • the Atari 2600 joystick, 2600 keypad (older firmware), 2600 driving controller (paddles NOT supported)
    • the Atari 7800 Proline joysticks
    • the Fairchild Channel F joysticks
    • the MSX joysticks
    • the Sega Genesis 3/6 controllers
    • the Magnavox Odyssey 2 joysticks
    • the Sega Master System compatible joysticks
    • the TI-99 joysticks
    • the X68000 joysticks

    Full details and ordering info can be found here:

    PM me if interested!

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  • @ByteKnight whats up my friend. You seem to have made it out of the atariage forums. This should be the best place to get these out to the pi population. If anyone wants to know the quality, the guy who makes these is top notch. I use several boards made by him. This board is capable of using a whole freaking lot of different controllers. Probably the most versatile circuit out there without the need of swapping out wires or reprogramming. And this guy (byteknight) selling these is a very trustworthy guy.

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  • @edmaul69 They let you in here?! ;) But thanks for putting in a good word for me.

  • I'm in for one.

  • @julijan Email me at holco zero zero four (change to numbers and get rid of spaces) and I'll give you details - thanks!

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