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Help getting Brutal Doom campaign hellonearthstarterpack + Duke3d expansions to work

  • Hi all

    I can't code or use linux for shit, but i am persistent and have gotten most stuff on my pi to work by either good ol googling or 'reverse engineering' other peoples scripts and trying over and over till soemthing works.

    Using the above i have gotten the following games to work using the 'ports' rom folder
    hexen deathkings

    too all boot , and additionally, have gotten all dooms to boot using the brutaldoom mod when launching with zdoom.

    I have NOT, however, managed to get the brutaldoom exclusive .wad campaign/map pack hellonearthstarterpack.wad to run.

    I have tried damn near everything, almost every conceivable .sh and emulators.cfg file combination but it just won't boot, it crashes back to es.

    I have everything i need, all the retail doom.wad files, the brutaldoom.pk3, hellonearthstarterpack.wad etc etc, i really just need someone to post a copy of their .sh file and emulators.cfg file and a quick rundown on how to get it all working.

    And on that same note, i can get duke3d to work no problem, but i have the atomic edition and am trying to get the duke3d expansion packs to work, specifically duke caribbean, duke it out in dc and nuclear winter.I have all the required .grp files and map files etc but same as above, i need some hand holding on what my .sh file should contain(and named?) and what else i need to do to get these expansions to boot.

    Hopefully we can all put our heads together and get these running and then update the wiki as it's a little vague on both doom and duke3d.


    How do i get the brutaldoom map pack hellonearthstarterpack.wad and the duke3d expansions (x3) to boot?**

  • Can you post the working code you already have to launch brutaldoom?
    Also post the working code to launch just duke3d that you're using.
    Maybe we can get this figured out!

  • @megafacehead i have been slacking and havent installed brutal doom yet, but as soon as i get out of my dr.'s visit i will try to get it running. I have about 60 doom/ doom mod games running, so if you need help with any other doom mods i can probably help you there.

  • @megafacehead ok so here is the info to get it all running. you might have to change the paths to wherever you keep your files:

    /opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom -iwad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/doom2/doom2.wad -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutal/brutalv20b.pk3 -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutal/hellonearthstarterpack.wad

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    Below is an expanded example, allowing the necessary freelook, along with the optional extra textures and metal soundtrack. It also points to it's own config file to allow settings that you wouldn't want spilling over to other zdoom instances. As in the example above, doom2.wad is being launched as the iwad, followed by brutalv20b.pk3, ExtraTextures.wad and DoomMetalVol4.wad as the file additions.

    /opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom +set fullscreen 1 +set freelook 1 -config /opt/retropie/configs/ports/brutaldoom/zdoom.ini -iwad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/doom/doom2.wad -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutaldoom/brutalv20b.pk3 /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutaldoom/hellonearthstarterpack.wad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutaldoom/ExtraTextures.wad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/brutaldoom/DoomMetalVol4.wad

  • @mediamogul so what exactly is the DoomMetalVol4.wad? With opl synthesizer set in zdoom sound options i get heavy metal music without a wad file.

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    It's a heavy metal soundtrack recorded specifically for 'Brutal Doom'. The official listing reads:

    This is a compilation with rock/metal remixes of doom's original songs composed by many community artists (See the credits for info about the authors). This goes great with Brutal Doom and enhance it's violent atmosphere even more. This music pack aims to create a Metal experience. Every original midi song of the game has been replaced by remakes using real instruments. Now on volume 4 all missing songs from volume 3 are added.

    The music was created by:

    Sonic Clang
    Evil Horde
    Dimaension X
    Jonathan McCann
    Chris Black
    Andrew Hulshult

  • @mediamogul so is it different than brutal dooms heavy metal music the opl synthesizer plays?

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    Oh yeah. None of the music is synthesized. It's the difference between real cheese and processed cheese. I don't use it when I'm playing plain old vanilla 'Doom' for nostalgia sake, but for 'Brutal Doom', I open it wide up.

  • @mediamogul im not sure which version of brutal doom you have but with 20b i get heavy metal music no matter what music setting i use. Even on sound system (not synthesized)

    Edit: I see you are using 20b as well

  • @mediamogul with the doommetalvol4.wad the music is really low even on full music volume

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    I guess mileage varies, but it plays at the proper volume on mine. It's definitely not required to play the game. It's just one of the mods meant to enhance the experience, as it has the more authentic hard edge that comes from using real instruments. Either way, the 'Doom' soundtrack is tough as nails.

  • @mediamogul So its not that the music isnt loud, its just that its half as loud as the music without the doommetalvol4.wad. But i think the music is the same. You should try out the brutaldoom with the hellonearthstarterpack.wad but without the DoomMetalVol4.wad and let me know what you think.

  • @mediamogul so a question? is freelook actually required? ive just been playing with the auto aim on all my other games. i dont use a controller and i use an apple iie's keyboard setup to how i can actually use it, but freelook makes it harder to do. with a mouse it sets it to mouselook.

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    You should try out the brutaldoom with the hellonearthstarterpack.wad but without the DoomMetalVol4.wad and let me know what you think.

    I'll try disabling the music mod when I get home. It could be that it only applies itself when using 'Brutal Doom' to mod the original game levels. That would make sense, as the new tracks were developed to replace those specific titles.

    is freelook actually required?

    Supposedly it is. In the original 'Doom' everything was on the same plane and only ever had the illusion of multiple levels, which is why a shot fired anywhere at an adversary would hit, regardless of whether it was above or below you. This limitation no longer exists in some mods such as 'Brutal Doom' and aiming up and down is required. However, there may be a way to turn that off. I've been enjoying the added complexity it brings to the game, although for my first several attempts, I felt like a newborn deer trying to stand.

  • @mediamogul i just went into customize controls and there are a lot more controls for brutal doom. Crap. I think i am going to have to control this with a controller. Or hook up my zboard keyboard.

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    It amazed me how overwhelmed I was for a game I've been playing for over twenty years. Even with a full-on controller layout, I had to get creative with where and how I mapped functions. Be sure not to overlook the new "crouch" "jump" and "kick" functions, as well as the individual left/right firing/punching. They all play an important role in 'Hell on Earth' and even manage to come in handy when playing the original game levels modified.

  • @mediamogul yeah i saw those settings. This game is going to be brutal and im probably doomed from the start. :)

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    Well, I'm sure that with a little... Heyyy, I see what you did there. Well played, sir.

  • alt text

    That's me btw, everyone loves a bit of self deprecating humor.

    I'm still stuck.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but don't all port games need a .sh (launch script??) file located in the roms\ports folder, and an emulators.cfg file (placed in \configs\ports\gameX folder?)
    Though each instance of doom (doom 1 doom 2 tnt etc) seems to all work off of \configs\ports\doom\emulators.cfg)??

    eg hexen has a launch script located in \roms\ports, and also a emulators.cfg file located at \RETROPIE\configs\ports\hexen

    this is my located in the roms\ports)

    "/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/" 0 PORT "hexen" "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/hexen/hexen.wad"

    and this is my emulators.cfg file located in \configs\ports\hexen

    lr-prboom = "/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-prboom/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/ports/hexen/retroarch.cfg %ROM%"
    default = "zdoom"
    zdoom = "/opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom +set fullscreen 1 -iwad %ROM%"

    The above example allows me to boot hexen using zdoom but it crashes to desktop when attempting to launch with lr-prboom (a problem to solve for another day)

    Anyways, what im asking is the info that you posted, mediamogul and edmaul69, is that meant to be

    1.cut and paste into a launch script .sh file, and if so what do i call it?And then if correct, does it still need a emulators.cfg file?
    2.cut and paste into a seperate emulators.cfg file located in configs/ports/???.If so what .sh script do i use to launch it?
    3.cut and paste into the existing emulators.cfg file located in configs/ports/doom on a new line that all the other doom 'mods' seem to run off.

    I'm sorry if this is super confusing, starting to get that feeling like im a mule with a spinning wheel-nobody knows how i got this pi and danged if i know how to use it lol.


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