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Is there a simple way to make DragonRise controllers work with Daphne??

  • I am reading a lot about "mapping your joystick to work as a keyboard input" to resolve this but it is very confusing. I am using 2 dragon rise usb encoders into my Pie3 for my 2 Sanwa joysticks. I am having no issues using the joysticks with all of my games. My arcade works great but Daphne has thrown a wrench in that. The sticks aren't reading well and are inverted.

    There are endless confusing pages of reference material that refer to changing all sorts of things on my retropie setup to make the joysticks work with Dragon's Lair. Not sure I really understand what the best way to go is. Seems like this was a big issue in the past but maybe it has been solved?

    Has anyone knowledge of a simple route to make these things read correctly and not upside down etc?


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    I have fixed a long time ago just do this to compile it and install.

    cd /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/
    sudo ./ daphne clean 
    git clone tmp/build/daphne
    sudo ./ daphne depends
    sudo ./ daphne build
    sudo ./ daphne install
    sudo ./ daphne configure
    sudo ./ daphne clean

    edit added clean to the start as someone had issues compiling so we make sure this is clear before we go

  • @grant2258 From one Grant to another thanks!

    I am not good at working at the command prompt. I have hacked my way through tons of youtube videos to setup my arcade machine. Do I just type in these lines to fix the issue?

    Thanks again,

    Chris Grant

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    Well you can type it or ssh in and paste it. If you dont know how to ssh just type it in.

  • @grant2258 Thanks. I am doing it right now. Reboot system and joystick will be recognized correctly? Simple as that ?


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    no need to reboot just type exit when your done

  • @grant2258 Loading up Dragon's Lair......So all of my joystick inputs work but they are all just inverted which is an improvement because before left and right wasnt working at all. Is there a setting I am supposed to change after all of these things i ran?

    Thanks again.

    Chris Grant

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    I use the dragon rise myself you probably have the joystick rotated wrong. Plug it in windows to joystick test to confirm then just rotate it properly and you be all good to go. It doesnt use libretro mappings so if its rotated wrong it will show up here

  • @grant2258 Ok Sounds Good. Will I just reconfigure it in emulation station again once rotated to reset the buttons for all other emulators?

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    @ChristianG yes once rotated do that if you have two joysticks make sure they are rotated the same way and all the buttons are plugged into the same places both sides.

  • @ChristianG Here is my setup

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  • @grant2258 Very sweet setup. I like the wide body. I decided to build a pacman with 2 sticks which is tight but doable. You build the body yourself?

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    note this picture here if you need to rotate and if the mount is sitting wrong take these 4 screws out twist the joystick screw and put it on.

    Yes i did build it myself just got some mdf and cut it out. Yes I did build this myself just got some mdf and cut it out no plans just drew it and cut it

  • @grant2258 Hey man I wanted to thank you for taking time to respond to my question. I have my joystick rotated, Daphne working and I couldn't be happier. I was stuck on threads for days I couldn't understand.

    Thanks again. Just awesome!

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    no problems at all my good man every time i see this daphne issue come up i kinda just help the person the emulator clearly just needs these fixes. The good thng now as well if you plug your arcade contoller in your windows machine it will work properly as well.

  • First of all I would like to thanks for this topic that partially solved my problem.

    Till this afternoon I couldn't use my joystick in two directions, than I've compiled like grant2258 has suggested and now i've all 4 directions.

    The issue is that now directions aren't coordinate in all daphne games (and only with daphne emulator, 'cause are correct with all other emulators).
    For example in Dragon's Lair if I move the joystick:

    • up, Dirk moves left;
    • down, Dirk moves up;
    • right, Dirk moves down;
    • left, Dirk moves right.

    I've controlled with jstest and I think that daphinput.ini file's is correctly configured.

    I've a raspberry pi 3b+, dragonrise usb encoders with driver version 2.1.0, retropie v. 4.4, kernel v.4.9.80-v7+.

    Which could be the solution?

    To explain better I put the following link to: 1) my daphinput's file, 2) pictures of my joystick, 3) pictures of my cabinet and of jstest's results:!AgmGMB-AfnaBh5sP4hyUJ1HQ0PaMLw

    Great problem is that I've difficulties to open my cabinet to rotate joystick, do you think is it possible to solve through software?



    p.s. Finally I've solved the issue and I decide to pubblish my solution hoping to help someone with the same situazione. 'cause I can't rotate joystick I changed the position of the cables connected to the the pin of dragonrise's encoder.
    The only handicap is the necessity to configurate another time the joysticks in emulationstation, but in five minutes it's done.

  • @grant2258 Oh my God!. Just found this post after a long time trying to get my DragonRise arcade controller to recognise left & right. Ran the above and it worked immediately. Thanks you so much :-)

  • I am very new with Retropi. Where and how to I enter this code. I have been trying to play Dragons Lair and cliffhanger for months. If anyone can walk me through I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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