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Setting up 2nd arcade control messes up first one

  • Hi,

    I created a retropie cabinet from 1up Arcade cabinet (street fighter) and I have two arcade stick controller on it (and the buttons too of course).

    When I set the first player controls it works fine.

    When I set the 2nd player controls it messes up the first player directions on the stick (buttons are not affected) once I start some game (works until I start a nes game for example).
    Right becomes Up for instance... it switches left and right to up and down and does the same with up and down making them right and left.

    No idea why this happens.
    The arcade joystick is connected to the board with only one cable (also the buttons are mapped to the same place in the board for both players although the buttons are not a problem just the joystick).

    I need some help fixing this or can I somehow modify the controls from some file?

    Anyone had this kind of problem?


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    @Ohris If the controller appears as 2 gamepads, then the configuration would be identical for both and you only need to configure the 1st (P1) gamepad. Re-configuring the P2 would overwrite the configuration.
    Check again that the wiring is identical, most problems with differences between P1/P2 appear because of asymmetrical wiring.

  • @mitu Hmm never even thought of that...

    I just configured controller 1 and then controller 2... yesterday I pondered on why it would say it detected controller 2 when I was on the normally controller 1 side reconfiguring the controls...

    perhaps I only need to configure one of the controllers and both would just work? Does it still know somehow when I launch a game that I pushed the 2 player game mode? since I have start buttons for both controllers/players?

    The joystick wiring is just one cable.
    I did try to switch the joystick the other way around thinking if one of them was "upside down" but that did nothing at all.
    The port on the controller is not on the same space for the two controllers so I am not sure which way is the "right" way of screwing the controller to the board... I did try swapping the other one though so now I have tried both way (not sideways though) and it was the same issue in both cases... did not seem to matter much.

    If I remember correctly configuration does say 2 controllers detected though.
    Also when i configure both controllers the directions work UNTIL i start some game... soo that is weird... I have not tried to configure controls for a specific game so maybe I should try that too.

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    @Ohris said in Setting up 2nd arcade control messes up first one:

    perhaps I only need to configure one of the controllers and both would just work?


    Does it still know somehow when I launch a game that I pushed the 2 player game mode? since I have start buttons for both controllers/players?

    Even if it's just 1 cable, there are 2 gamepads/controllers detected, so you just push the 2nd Player's start (or coin first, then start) button to add the P2 to the game.

  • @mitu Thank you... Now I have some things to test out again. Hopefully this is the "fix" (user error) ive been searching.
    Other thing I could try is to configure controls after I launch a specific game but for that I think I need to plug in a usb keyboard.

    Will try to just configure 1 controller and see if both work.

  • @mitu Btw it is 1 cable per joystick and they connect to their own board that I attached to the backside of the controller board. As do the buttons. All the buttons and other cables are connected the same on both boards (to the same connections that is).

  • @mitu This is the problem I seem to have... the joysticks are build the wrong way? And I cannot fit to install the other one sideways so that the cable would be on the same side... this seem to be the reason why the other controller is like up is right etc.

    Is there any software solution to my problem so I could fix the controls for the second controller? separate configurations for the joysticks?

    See image.controller_issue.jpg

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    @Ohris I'm not versed in how joystick should look - are these the ones that come with the cabinet or you got them separately ? Maybe someone with more experience with these controls' wiring can give you a hint.

  • @mitu I bought these separately from amazon. the actualy unit on the metal plate is attached to a different direction to the other as you can see... so "up" is not up on the other one... :'(

    Now im just thinking of if there is a way to configure the other player separately?

    I can configure the 2nd player from retropie when I start the game and go to the menu... But that does not even save the configs when I exit the game and I have to do it every time. I can now configure it so that for example 2 player "Up" is actually Right on the joystick. That works but does not save unfortunately and its very tedious to do it every time and for every game.

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    @Ohris The core input remapping can be saved per-system - see here - so you can configure and save the mapping between gaming sessions.

    EDIT: on the other hand, you can probably edit the gamepad's auto-configuration file (from /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/) and add the stanzas for

    input_player1_l_x_plus =
    input_player1_l_x_minus =
    input_player1_l_y_plus =
    input_player1_l_y_minus =
    input_player1_r_x_plus =
    input_player1_r_x_minus =
    input_player1_r_y_plus =
    input_player1_r_y_minus =
    input_player2_l_x_plus =
    input_player2_l_x_minus =
    input_player2_l_y_plus =
    input_player2_l_y_minus =
    input_player2_r_x_plus =
    input_player2_r_x_minus =
    input_player2_r_y_plus =
    input_player2_r_y_minus =

    completing the values accordingly, and they should be applied to all games. I think that if you create one core override, you can see those values in the file saved by RetroArch, under /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/config/remaps/<core_name>.

  • Will try these methods today.
    I also sent a reclamation to the amazon seller to send me a replacement stick... Luckully I can also just buy one more its not that expensive... hopefully the next one will be built correctly.

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    take restrictor off (the clear plastic bit) and twist the pcb so the plugs face the same way then put the restrictor back on job done.

    instructions to remove the restrictor

  • @grant2258 Oh snap... Will for sure test this when I get home. Did not know this could be done and did not want to damage the stick so I did not try to blindly start disassembling it. But I will try to do this with the instructions you provided.

    Hopefully this will fix my last mod problem... after that I only have issues with emulators and bios files. :D

  • @grant2258 So the pcb should just rotate? or is it attached somehow after I take the restrictor off? I need to rotate the other one 90 degrees so that the joysticks are the same and then controls should be ok.

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    the wiring plugs just need to face the same position the restrictor is on thing keeping the pcb its the same size on all 4 coreners to you can rotate the board any way you like. You just lift it up and put it back in

  • @grant2258 Not sure if I understood correctly but I cannot rotate the metal plate (or I can but there is no room to do that on my board) that has the screw holes that attach to the wooden control board... I need to be able to rotate everything else though. Well once I get home i can see if I can do that.

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    take the clear restrictor plate off the pcb can liffted out and rotated and put back no need to remove and screws or the metal plate it will be clear what to do when you get the restictor off. If you get stuck when doing just ask ill talk you through it

  • @grant2258 Thanks again... sounds simple but in case I still cannot manage Il ask more :D
    It should be fine as long as it really does lift away that easy... sounds simple enough.

  • @grant2258 Thanks. I managed to rotate the joystick. It was as easy as you said. Now everything works perfectly.

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    Great news well done!

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