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Atari 2600


The Atari 2600 was a home video game console released by Atari in 1977

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
lr-stella atari2600 .7z .a26 .bin .gz .rom .zip none /opt/retropie/configs/atari2600/retroarch.cfg
Stella atari2600 .a26 .bin .gz .rom .zip none hardcoded

Emulators: Stella, lr-stella


Accepted File Extensions: .7z .a26 .bin .gz .rom .zip

Place your Atari 2600 ROMS in



You will configure controls differently depending on which emulator you use:


lr-stella utilises Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in

For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration



Default Controls:

P0 Joystick Up: Up, J0/A1/-
P0 Joystick Down: Down, J0/A1/+
P0 Joystick Left: Left, J0/A0/-
P0 Joystick Right: Right, J0/A0/+
P0 Joystick Fire: Space, Lctrl, J0/B0
P0 Booster Top Trigger: 4
P0 Booster Handle Grip: 5

Configuration Menu: TAB

Press Tab to access configuration menu- choose input settings and under the tab Emul. Events you can create custom controller mappings to work for your individual controllers

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