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OpenTyrian is a port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian. Jason Emery generously gave the OpenTyrian developers a copy of the Tyrian 2.1 source code, which has since been ported from Turbo Pascal to C. The port uses SDL, making it easily cross-platform.

Emulator: OpenTyrian

This emulator can be installed from the Retropie Setup script


ctrl-backspace -- kill OpenTyrian
alt-enter      -- fullscreen
ctrl-f10       -- ungrab mouse

arrow keys     -- ship movement
space          -- fire weapons
enter          -- toggle rear weapon mode
ctrl/alt       -- fire left/right sidekick

Configuring Game Controllers

You can configure controllers in-game by starting a game in any mode, episode or difficulty - it doesn't matter which. From the pre-game menu, choose Options and then Joystick. If you have a game controller plugged in, then you will see a screen as below with buttons and axes already assigned.


Bear in mind that the button and axes numbering in OpenTyrian is the number as reported by jstest +1. For example, button 0 on your controller will register as BTN 1.

To re-configure, use the arrow keys on a keyboard to select an action, FIRE, CHANGE FIRE etc. Press ENTER on a keyboard to highlight and then the button on your game controller that you wish to map. Repeat for other buttons.

To remove a default setting, press the relevant button for the action. For example, to remove the default setting of BTN 1 for FIRE, navigate to FIRE with a keyboard, press ENTER and then press button 0 on your controller.

The settings will be saved to a configuration file, opentyrian.cfg, in the /opt/retropie/configs/ports/opentyrian folder. It is possible to manually edit this file if you prefer, just remember to add one to the button or axis number as reported by jstest.

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