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Follow the instructions from here:

  1. Download and run
  2. Select "install retrosmc", select "Basic installation"
  3. Go outside, grab a drink, this will take ages.
  4. Reboot, re-run
  5. Select "install launcher addon"
  6. Reboot, go to kodi settings->addons, activate RetroPie addon.
  7. Launch RetroPie in Programs menu. Done!

Install RetroPie to USB drive:

If you're like me you have a tiny SDCard in your RPi running OSMC, but now you want to play some roms, if you try to install full RetroPie you will run out of space and OSMC will panic and die with no space left.

So I decided to do a few easy quick mods to make it install to a USB Drive plugged in to a connected power USB hub.

If you want to update an older installation, please uninstall the old version first via the script:

Plugin your USB Drive to the RPi, Format it EXT4

SSH into your OSMC installation.

You will lose all your data on your USB Drive if you do this!!!

Find your USB Drive with: lsblk

MMCBLK0 is normally your SDCard (Do not kill this one).

My USB Drive was SDA (8GB).

umount /dev/sda

fdisk /dev/sda

Delete all partitions with:


Press partition numbers until all removed.

Write partition table.


Then quit


Format our usb drive with EXT4 (Linux File System).

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda -L RETROPIE

Rename our drive label RETROPIE (If you forget to label your drive in the last step)

e2label /dev/sda RETROPIE

Remove the USB Drive from the port and reinsert it. It should now be remounted under /media/RETROPIE/

Download the installation script to your OSMC home directory:

cd /home/osmc

Make it executable by running:

chmod +x

Then run it:


Click install Retrosmc

After it finishes downloading the setup scripts (ie you see the options menu) click cancel until you are back to the cli.

cd ~/RetroPie-Setup


#main retropie install location
modify this line to:

Save: Press ctrl x Press y Press


Click install Retrosmc again.

Once you get to the second menu select "Binary-based installation (recommended)" when the RetroPie-Setup script pops up and press enter.

After the RetroPie-Setup script finished the installation, press Enter for all windows, mentioning DATA and BIOS files for the emulators. When back at the main RetroPie menu, choose "Cancel"!

Install the Launcher Addon, you will find your shortcut in the Programaddons in kodi.

You can exit the menu by choosing Cancel at the bottom after every task.

nano /home/osmc/RetroPie/scripts/



To: es_bin="/media/RETROPIE/retropie/supplementary/emulationstation/emulationstation"

Press ctrl x
Press y
Press <Enter>

Let's move the roms folder to the Flash Drive as well now and make a soft system link to it.

cd ../RetroPie
mv roms roms2
mkdir /media/RETROPIE/roms

sudo apt install rsync
rsync -avzh roms2/ /media/RETROPIE/roms/

ln -s /media/RETROPIE/roms roms

Original install documentation see there for more help with issues:

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