Nintendo Entertainment System


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is an 8-bit home video game console that was released by Nintendo in 1985. This console officially ended the video game crash of 1983-1984.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
lr-fceumm nes .zip .nes .smc .sfc .fig .swc .mgd .fds none /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg
lr-nestopia nes .zip .nes .smc .sfc .fig .swc .mgd .fds none /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg
lr-quicknes nes .zip .nes .smc .sfc .fig .swc .mgd none /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg

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Emulators: lr-nestopia, lr-fceumm, lr-quicknes


Accepted File Extensions: .zip .nes .smc .sfc .fig .swc .mgd - Make sure your roms have headers. Roms without headers will not work. If you want to use PAL roms, make sure they contain (E) or (Europe) in the filename, or else they may be run at the wrong speed.

Place your NES Roms in



Both emulators utilise Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in


For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration



How to setup Turbo Buttons for lr-fceumm

Open the RetroArch RGUI by pressing Select+X on the controller, or Hotkey+F1 on the keyboard then navigate to:

  • Quick Menu
    • Options
      • Change Turbo Enable to either Player 1, Player 2, Both or None by pressing left or right
      • You can also change the Turbo Delay (in frames) (Default is 3)

Go back to the Quick Menu and then to Resume.

How to disable Crop Overscan in lr-fceumm

Open the RetroArch RGUI:

  • Quick Menu
    • Options
      • Change Crop Overscan to disabled by pressing left or right

Go back to the Quick Menu and then to Resume.

How to disable Crop Overscan in lr-quicknes

Add this to your /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg file. Make sure that this is placed above the #include line.

video_crop_overscan = false