The Intellivision is a home video game console released by Mattel in 1979

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
jzintv intellivision .int .bin exec.bin grom.bin hardcoded

Emulator: jzintv


Accepted File Extensions: .int .bin

Place your Intellivision ROMs in



There are a few BIOS files for the Intellevision. The first two are the main ones you'll probably use. Executive ROM: exec.bin Graphics ROM: grom.bin Entertainment Computer System ROM: Commonly named ECS.BIN. Required to play ECS games. Intellivoice ROM: Commonly named IVOICE.BIN. Required to play Intellivoice games.

Place your BIOS files in:



Gamepad Controls

By default, jzIntv maps the first (left) analog stick to the left controller's disc input. In addition, the first 9 buttons are mapped to the 3 action buttons as follows:

Buttons 0, 3, 6:  Top action buttons, left controller
Buttons 1, 4, 7:  Lower left action button, left controller
Buttons 2, 5, 8:  Lower left action button, left controller

jzIntv maps the first joystick's first hat's 8 directions to the numeric keypad on the right controller, making the hat usable in games such as Night Stalker and TRON Deadly Discs. [Source]

It is possible to remap these using a keyboard hack file. Instructions on creating these can be found HERE. Keys 0, Clear and Enter on the numeric keypad are not mapped by default so a keyboard hack file would be required to this.

Keyboard Controls

Function/Special keys, all maps:
    F1              Quit
    F4              Break into debugger
    F5              Switch to keymap 0 (default keymap)
    F6              Switch to keymap 1 (left controller only for 1 player games)

    F7              Switch to keymap 2 (ECS keyboard keymap)
    F8              Shift to keymap 3 while held (command keys)
    F9              Toggle fullscreen/windowed 
    F10             Toggle movie recording 
    F11             Take screen shot
    F12             Reset emulator
    Pause           Pause the emulator
    PgUp            Increase volume
    PgDn            Decrease volume

Numeric Keypad, maps 0 and 1
    1-9             Left controller 1 - 9
    0               Left controller Clear
    .               Left controller 0
    Enter           Left controller Enter

Main Keyboard, map 0.  (Map 1 just moves right controller mappings to left.)
    0-9             Right controller 0 - 9
    -               Right controller Clear
    =               Right controller Enter
    Left Shift      Right controller top action buttons
    Left Alt        Right controller lower left action button
    Left Control    Right controller lower right action button

    Right Shift     Left controller top action buttons
    Right Alt       Left controller lower left action button
    Right Control   Left controller lower right action button

    Up Arrow        Left controller disc up
    Down Arrow      Left controller disc down
    Left Arrow      Left controller disc left
    Right Arrow     Left controller disc right

Fine-grain directional pad inputs:

    U   I   O
      \ | /
    J --+-- K      Left controller disc
      / | \
    N   M   , 

    W   E   R
      \ | /
    S --+-- D      Right controller disc
      / | \
    Z   X   C

Memory Map Config Files:

If a rom does not load leaving you with a black screen (and the files dump.cpu and dump.mem in your home folder upon exit), then you need a memory map config file. This is likely to be the case for titles from Atarisoft, Imagic or INTV Corp.

First determine which config file your rom requires from this spreadsheet.

Next download the config file from here and rename it the same as the your rom.

For example, you are trying to get to work. From the spreadsheet, you see that it takes memory map #7 so download 7.cfg and rename it atlantis.cfg. Place it in your roms folder and your rom should now work.

Full details about using memory map config files can be found here.