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The Tandy Colour Computer series were home computers originally released by the Tandy Corporation in 1980.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
XRoar coco .cas .wav .bas .asc .dmk .jvc .os9 .dsk .vdk .rom .ccc .sna bas13.rom, extbas11.rom, coco3.rom, coco3p.rom hardcoded

Emulator: XRoar


Accepted File Extensions: .cas .wav .bas .asc .dmk .jvc .os9 .dsk .vdk .rom .ccc .sna

Place your CoCo ROMs in



Depending on the emulated model, different BIOS files are need to be copied to

Machine BIOS file name Size
Tandy Colour BASIC bas13.rom 8K
Tandy Extended BASIC extbas11.rom 8K
Tandy Super ECB (CoCo 3) coco3.rom 32K (32768 bytes)
Tandy Super ECB (PAL CoCo 3) coco3p.rom 32K (32768 bytes)
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