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NEC PC9800


The PC-9800 was a series of computers sold between 1982 and 2000 by NEC. The line ended up dominating the Japanese computer gaming market, with over 18 million units sold by the end of it's life.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Files
lr-np2kai pc98 .d88 .d98 .88d .98d .fdi .xdf .hdm .dup .2hd .tfd .hdi .thd .nhd .hdd .fdd .cmd .hdn .zip bios.rom, font.rom, itf.rom, sound.rom, 2608_bd.wav, 2608_sd.wav, 2608_top.wav, 2608_hh.wav, 2608_tom.wav, 2608_rim.wav

Emulator: lr-np2kai

This emulator can be installed from the experimental menu of the RetroPie-Setup script.

Libreto Docs for Neko Project II Kai are HERE


Accepted File Extensions: .d88 .d98 .88d .98d .fdi .xdf .hdm .dup .2hd .tfd .hdi .thd .nhd .hdd .fdd .cmd .hdn .zip

Place your PC-98 games in:



Place your BIOS files in:


BIOS files

File md5sum CRC32
2608_BD.WAV 29AAD51CD243C8E449D311D14613F0B1 FCB60C01
2608_HH.WAV 59A009EE444318BD57D99A19068731E4 7D6D9C4E
2608_RIM.WAV 943290D1C5C6AE6295BD02BE4411C7C0 8518A388
2608_SD.WAV C99156118789B6CBA662C864EBADC62E C977FDB8
2608_TOM.WAV C321A6835B26AD125B2EB78BE56394A4 5E8AB475
2608_TOP.WAV 9E73FF2345236EBE72F7A937E477F0BD CEFA9F76
BIOS.ROM E246140DEC5124C5E404869A84CAEFCE 76AFFD90
SOUND.ROM CAF90F22197AED6F14C471C21E64658D A21EF796
ITF.ROM E9FC3890963B12CF15D0A2EEA5815B72 273E9E88


lr-np2kai utilise Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in

For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration

Performance Tweaks

The "CPU Clock Multiplier" option in the RetroArch options menu is fairly important when it comes to performance. Setting it too low might cause your game to run slower than intended, but setting it too high can cause stuttering and slow performance. It is recommended to use somewhere between a 4x and 8x multiplier.