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The Colecovision is a home video game console released by Coleco in 1982. It features a unique gamepad which is a mixture of a phone keypad and a joystick

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
CoolCV coleco .bin .col .rom .zip none (integrated) /opt/retropie/configs/coleco/coolcv_mapping.txt
lr-blueMSX coleco .bin .col .rom .zip coleco.rom /opt/retropie/configs/coleco/retroarch.cfg

Emulators CoolCV, lr-blueMSX

Note that CoolCV is only available for the Raspberry Pi currently, but it's not compatible with the Pi4/400 models.


Accepted File Extensions: .bin .col .rom .zip

Place your Colecovision ROMs in


lr-blueMSX BIOS:

lr-blueMSX requires the coleco.rom BIOS. Place your BIOS in:

/home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/Machines/COL - ColecoVision/

lr-blueMSX Controls

lr-blueMSX utilises Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in

For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration

CoolCV Controls

Keyboard is the default controller. Press Right Shift + Enter to exit

Mapping file is created after you've started the emulator once in /home/pi/coolcv_mapping.txt

' CoolCV mappings for Colecovision controllers to keyboard and joystick
up_1    key1073741906
right_1 key1073741903
down_1  key1073741905
left_1  key1073741904
left_button_1   key32   joy0_0
right_button_1  key109  joy0_1
button3_1   key1073741939
button4_1   key1073741939
key1_1  key49
key2_1  key50
key3_1  key51
key4_1  key52
key5_1  key53
key6_1  key54
key7_1  key55
key8_1  key56
key9_1  key57
key*_1  key111
key0_1  key48
key#_1  key112
up_2    key119
right_2 key100
down_2  key115
left_2  key97
left_button_2   key9    joy1_0
right_button_2  key113  joy1_1
button3_2   key1073741939
button4_2   key1073741939
key1_2  key114
key2_2  key116
key3_2  key121
key4_2  key102
key5_2  key103
key6_2  key104
key7_2  key118
key8_2  key98
key9_2  key110
key*_2  key106
key0_2  key107
key#_2  key108
key_save    key1073741882
key_restore key1073741883
key_exit    key1073741939
key_pause   key1073741884
key_reset   key8
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