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NEC PC8800


The PC 8800 was a series of computers released in 1981 by the Nippon Electric Company.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Files
Quasi88 pc88 .d88 .88d .cmt .t88 N88.ROM, N88SUB.ROM, N88N.ROM, N88EXT0.ROM, N88EXT1.ROM, N88EXT2.ROM, N88EXT3.ROM and optional (N88KNJ1.ROM, N88KNJ2.ROM)
lr-quasi88 pc88 .d88 .88d .cmt .t88 n88.rom, n88_0.rom, n88_1.rom, n88_2.rom, n88_3.rom, n88n.rom, disk.rom, n88knj1.rom, n88knj2.rom, n88jisho.rom

Emulator: Quasi88

Note that the emulator (and most documentation) is written in Japanese.


Accepted File Extensions: .d88 .88d .cmt .t88

Place your PC-88 ROMs in:



Place your BIOS files in:


BIOS files

At this link you can find information on the BIOS files of the emulator:

Quasi88 BIOS File Page

File SHA1 CRC32 Size
N88.ROM 3B31FC68FA7F47B21C1A1CB027B86B9E87AFBFFF A0FC0473 32 KB
N88SUB.ROM BB7103A0818850A039C67FF666A31CE49A8D516F 2158D307 2 KB
N88N.ROM 5B922ED9DE07D2A729BDF1DA7B57C50DDF08809A 27E1857D 32 KB
N88EXT0.ROM D239C26AD7AC5EFAC6E947B0E9549B1534AA970D 710A63EC 8 KB
N88EXT1.ROM 8528EEF7946EDF6501A6CCB1F416B60C64EFAC7C C0BD2AA6 8 KB
N88EXT3.ROM EFCE0B51CAB9F0DA6CF68507757F1245A2867A72 7713C519 8 KB

If you add these 2 files too, you will have the translation of the menus in kanji characters:

File SHA1 CRC32 Size
N88KNJ1.ROM 82E11A177AF6A5091DD67F50A2F4BAFDA84D6556 6178BD43 128 KB
N88KNJ2.ROM 7E6591CD465CBB35D6D3446C5A83B46D30FAFE95 154803CC 128 KB

Put the bios files in lowercase otherwise the emulator won't find them, and result in black screen.


By default, Quasi88 uses the keyboard for controls. To enable a controller:

Press F12.  This will bring up a menu with several tabs at the top.
Click the "mouse" tab.
Click the dropdown that's labelled "nomouse". Change it to "joystick".

Once this is done, the controls will be automatically mapped as such:

Left Joystick - Number Pad
A Button - Z key
B button - X key

Emulator: lr-quasi88

This emulator can be installed from the experimental menu of the RetroPie-Setup script.


lr-quasi88 utilises Retroarch configurations.

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in


For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration