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The TRS-80 was a home computer originally released by the Tandy Corporation in 1977. T=Tandy RS=Radio Shack 80=Z-80 microprocessor.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
sdltrs trs-80 .dsk level2.rom hardcoded

Emulator: sdltrs


Accepted File Extensions: .dsk

Place your TRS-80 ROMs in



The BIOS file needed is level2.rom . An overview of the options for legally obtaining one of the various compatible BIOS files can be found in the sdltrs README file.

Place your level2.rom BIOS file in



  • F7: Emulator Options
  • F10: Reset Emulator
  • F12: System Menu (Quit)

Advanced Configuration

For more detailed information on autolaunching disks and games see this guide HERE