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The TRS-80 was a home computer originally released by the Tandy Corporation in 1977. T=Tandy RS=Radio Shack 80=Z-80 microprocessor.

Emulator Rom Folder trs-80 type Extension BIOS Controller Config
sdltrs trs-80 trs-80 model I .dsk level2.rom hardcoded
sdltrs trs-80 trs-80 model III .dsk level3.rom hardcoded
sdltrs trs-80 trs-80 model 4 .dsk level4.rom hardcoded
sdltrs trs-80 trs-80 model 4P .dsk level4P.rom hardcoded

Emulator: sdltrs


Accepted File Extensions: .dsk

Place your TRS-80 ROMs in



The BIOS file needed is level2.rom for Model I, level3.rom for Model III, level4.rom for Model 4 and level4p.rom for Model 4P. An overview of the options for legally obtaining one of the various compatible BIOS files can be found in the sdltrs README file.

Place your level2.rom BIOS file in



  • F7: Emulator Options
  • F10: Reset Emulator
  • F12: System Menu (Quit)

Advanced Configuration

For more detailed information on autolaunching disks and games see this guide HERE

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