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Cannonball is a program which allows you to play an enhanced version of Yu Suzuki's seminal arcade racer - OutRun - on a variety of systems.

Port: Cannonball


Place the OutRun Revision B MAME rom in


Custom music

Cannonball can play WAVs instead of using the inbuilt game music.

Custom WAV files can be copied to /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/cannonball/music, then enabled by editing the config.xml configuration file. Each track can be configured individually in the custom_music section, by specifying the full path to the WAV file and toggling the enable flag:

          <!-- Magical Sound Shower Replacement -->
          <track1 enabled="1">
               <title>MAGICAL SOUND SHOWER REMIX</title>
          <!-- Passing Breeze Replacement -->
          <track2 enabled="0">
               <title>PASSING BREEZE REMIX</title>
          <!-- Splash Wave Replacement -->
          <track3 enabled="1">
               <title>SPLASH WAVE REMIX</title>
          <track4 enabled="1">
               <title>LAST WAVE REMIX</title>

The config.xml file is located in /opt/retropie/configs/ports/cannonball or (via file shares) in \\retropie\configs\ports\cannonball.

See HERE for exact rom info.

See HERE for more complete documentation.

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